Nie wiem czy warto wspominać o tym, że pojawiła się beta Ubuntu 10.10 ??
Odświeżono paczki, kernel, wyrzucono kolejne programy zastępując je innymi, nie do końca dobrymi.
Więc o czym tu pisać, jak Canonical robi to co zawsze, od kilku wydań…

Przecież nie będę się rozczulał, że jest nowe jądro, nowe paczki, evolution. Przecież mam z nimi styczność, od początku, kiedy pojawiły się repozytoria dla maverick. Od początku prac, kiedy jeszcze nie było pierwszej alpha, obcowałem z paczkami, które już zostały udostępnione dla Ubuntu 10.10. Więc dla mnie nowości nie ma.
Dla posiadaczy 10.04 nowościami jest wszystko, nowy wygląd, lepsze działanie, przyspieszenie systemu, odnowione paczki, nowe jądro i smutna wiadomość, że Canonical przechodzi na i686, porzucając tym samym starsze procesory.

Chcąc przetestować 10.10, wchodzimy na stronę: i tam na głównej stronie zostaniemy przywitani informacją o wyjściu beta Ubuntu 10.10. WARTO ZAZNACZYĆ, że najlepiej przeczytać informację o istniejących problemach…

As is to be expected at this stage of the release process, there are several known bugs that users are likely to run into with Maverick Beta. We have documented them here for your convenience along with any known workarounds, so that you don’t need to spend time reporting these bugs again:

USB stick installs will fail unless they are created without persistence enabled. This is fixed in updates, but not on the CD. (627672)

The Gwibber micro-blogging client has switched to SQLITE for back end storage. This should make it faster, but means that syncing of account details across computers is no longer supported. Also note that due to a change to the Twitter service, Gwibber will not work with Twitter until updates are applied.
The Wubi Windows installer was reported to be unable to open Windows’ boot configuration data store in some (but not all) cases. Investigation of the problems are ongoing (613288)

Upgrading Wubi systems from 10.04 LTS is known to fail, and is not recommended at this time. (610898, 617715)

Ubuntu Netbook Edition with Unity does not currently provide a fallback for systems without a 3D capable video driver, such as NVidia cards. (600567)

On systems with very little memory (256 MB and below), ureadahead causes out-of-memory conditions, which may break booting. (600359)

Maverick thumb drive images built on Lucid (& earlier?) fail to boot due to differences in syslinux version – the ‚ui’ keyword in the syslinux.cfg file needs to be removed to get it to boot. A fix for this on Lucid is available to be applied, see lucid-updates. (608382)

Installation in OEM mode is broken when trying to install without network connection (628681, 628290, 628911 )

A lot of USB 3G cards currently just expose themselves as a CD drive instead of a modem. To fix this, please upgrade your system to get udev version 161+git20100827-1, which should fix this. (625110)

Inconsistent certificates prevent CC to start correctly (627963). On affected systems, you don’t get anything in /var/log/eucalyptus/cc.log. This is an inconsistent issue that is not being reliably reproduced yet, and is actively being worked on: see on the bug for the best workaround known.

eucalyptus-get-console-output will not display the instance console log (619843). This is due to a change in the user libvirt uses. Performing a „sudo adduser eucalyptus kvm” should resolve this. Closely following beta release, a fix will be uploaded.

There are still some issues with upgrading Eucalyptus from Lucid to Maverick Beta (617053). Shortly following Beta release, a standard upgrade should resolve this issue.

Known major issues for Kubuntu:
The live CD „Guided” install option replaces the existing operating system installation in the selected partition (including destroying user data). This is not obvious from the description. See Bug (628864) for details.

The live CD autoresize installation option is not always available (see Bug (628897) for details). To work around this issue, do any needed partition resizing before starting the live CD. Partitions can be deleted and created using the manual partioning option if no data needs to be saved from them.

A list of notable Kubuntu bugs can be found at

613636 Kubuntu Maveric ISOs show purple „Ubuntu 10.10” boot splash

628681 Kubuntu OEM did not install oem-config-kde

628808 maverick try/install kubuntu graphics are cut off

628812 kubuntu slideshow too large for widget

628815 Cannot resize from kubuntu partitioner

628836 did not install restricted packages

628839 kfmclient not installed in kubuntu maverick beta cd



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